6 Steps to Starting a Business

If you haven’t read it, here’s my article that I wrote for the July issue of Lifestyles of Denton County: It’s been a rough few years for the American economy.  With all of the downsizing and layoffs, many people are read more

Bed Bugs

Recently, there has been an increase in bed bug infestations in the state of Texas.  So much so that the TAA (Texas Apartment Association) is introducing a new Bed Bug Addendum to their standard leases. Believe me when I say read more

The Myths of Credit Repair

The Myths of Credit Repair By Bradley Conway Let me start out by saying this: “Credit repair companies are a scam.” Yes, I know it’s something that seems like a good idea. Yes, I know some people are desperate to read more

What to do if you get sued…in Texas…Part 1.

What to do if you get sued…in Texas…Part 1. By Bradley Conway Question: What do you do if you get sued? Answer: Get a lawyer. Question: What if you can’t afford to get a lawyer? Answer: Well, while I don’t read more